The Blue Room Theatre Unveils Its August-November Season

The Blue Room Theatre Unveils Its August-November Season

Tucked into a little corner in the Perth Cultural Centre, The Blue Room Theatre is one of Perth’s best kept secrets. Inhabiting the building that was once housed a school, the venue’s intimate rooms play host to comedic and dramatic delights from around the city, the country and the globe. The folks behind the organisation have just launched their August-November season program and as usual, it boasts some of the finest theatre experiences on the Western seaboard.

The season opens on August 12 with Concussion by playwright Ross Mueller, a surreal comedy of amnesia, smut and absurdity. It tells the story of Caesar, a police officer who wakes to a life he has no memory of, in the presence of a family he barely knows and a house that feels nothing like home. As events unfold in an alienating and fragmented New York City, Concussion weaves in tales of pornography addiction, rock ‘n’ roll and faceless communication in the wake of urbane chaos. Concussion won the New York Dramatists Award in 2009 and was nominated for the Patrick White Award and Griffin Prize. Concussion runs from August 12 to 30.

Australian comic staple Greg Fleet returns to the Blue Room Theatre with This is Not a Love Song, a piece about failing relationships that Fleet writes, produces and stars in. Accompanied by a live soundtrack of  “every great song ever written,” This is Not a Love Song explores the agony of doomed romances – of falling in love and tearing apart, and of the two vastly different sides to every love story. This is Not a Love Song runs from August 19 to September 6.

Letters Home is Joe Lui’s one-man show about cultural dissonance, confession and self-discovery. Growing up in Singapore, Lui moved to Australia to pursue a career as an artist, and in doing so avoided the compulsory military service required of all young Singaporean males. Now he’s become a criminal in the eyes of his parents and his home country, and he can never return home. Part spoken-word, part reading and part live memoir, Letters Home recalls Lui’s career as a child actor to his seeking a new life, exposing his life like a raw nerve. Letters Home runs from September 16 to October 4.

In What Do They Call Me?, three women explore the contemporary Indigenous identity through the lens of sexuality, cultural heritage and the modern family. Originally a one-woman show by Eva Johnson and set across mid-20th century Australia, this iteration expands the performance to tell a universal and timeless narrative of Aboriginal history and identity. What Do They Call Me? Runs from September 9 to 27.

Welcome to Slaughter is a claustrophobic comedy-horror piece set in the Australian outback. Described as Wolf Creek meets Rocky Horror, the play unfolds from inside a lost car as the driver and passengers wander the open road. Taking cues from film-noir and classic cinematic horror, the three-woman piece examines isolation and fear in an immersive multi-media fantasia. Welcome to Slaughter runs from October 7 to 25.

In Status Room which runs from October 14 to November 1, dancers Daisy Sanders and Shuling Wong explore what it means to perform your identity in a kinetic piece of dance theatre that juxtaposes the public and the private self.

In Joey: The Mechanical Boy, Leah Mercer directs the premiere of a theatre pieced based on a Scientific American article from half a century ago in a play that examines the relationship between psychologist and patient. Joey: The Mechanical Boy runs from November 4 to 22.

Rounding out the program is a premiere from award-winning Irish-Australian playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer titled Those Who Fall In Love Like Anchors Dropped Upon The Ocean Floor. Kruckemeyer has been commissioned for over 70 theatre pieces and in 2012 was awarded the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship for $160,000. His latest work spans continents and decades in a love story about chance encounters and tragic consequences. Those Who Fall In Love Like Anchors Dropped Upon The Ocean Floor runs from November 11 to 29.

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